"When you go home tell them of us, and say for your tomorrow we gave our today"

Ceremonies / Important Notices

Important Notices

The Trustees wish to advise that on Tuesday the 16th October 2018 a Service will be arranged by the Department of Veterans' Affairs in conjunction with the Trustees of the Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial to remember the 75th Anniversary of the completion of the Thai-Burma Railway in October 1943. 
Before the 415 kilometre railway was completed, an estimated 2,700 Australians died as a result of deprivation, brutality, disease and starvation as a direct result of working on this notorious railway.
The public will be invited to attend the Service and are invited to lay a Wreath or a Book Tribute at the conclusion of the service.
Names of POW's
The Trustees conduct Research into the status of Australian Prisoners of War throughout the year. These newly discovered names of Prisoners of War are engraved annually onto the Memorial Wall in early December. Should you wish to add a name or include information please Contact Us.

Senator Ronaldson Media Release

On the 6th May 2015, Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson Minister for Veterans' Affairs announced that the Federal Government has approved $8.8 million dollars to commemorate Second World War Events. (Click here to view the full media release).

The Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial will host two important Second World War 75th Anniversary Events as part of our nation's most significant POW-related anniversaries. These anniversary events are part of the Government's Centenary of ANZAC Programme.

The first Anniversary Event will be in February 2017 to acknowledge that approximately 30,000 Australians were captured as Prisoners of War during World War Two, with about 14,000 of these captured by Japanese forces at the Fall of Singapore in February 1942. Many of these Prisoners worked on the notorious Thai-Burma railway.

The second will be in October 2018, this recognises that the Thai-Burma railway was finished.

The recognition of the deprivation and the hardships faced by all POW's; the Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorials seems the appropriate place for the Nation to reflect on these 75th Anniversaries.

Dedication and Anniversary Events

The Annual Anniversary Service is normally held on the Sunday closest to the 6th February;
2018-4th February (14th Anniversary)

2018-Friday 25th May 2018-Battle for Crete & Greece 77th Anniversary Commemorative Service. In attendance will be the Consul General for Greece in Melbourne, Armed Forces from Greece for the occasion & members of the Australian Defence Forces. The General Public are invited to attend this important anniversary.

2018-Saturday 23rd June over 50-Students & Teachers from Mercy College Mackay Queensland Memorial tour

2018-October 2018-Students & Teachers from Pleasant Street Primary School will place 2,500 poppies on the World War One POW's and the Nurses to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War One

2018-Tuesday 16th October-75th Anniversary Event to Commemorate the completion of the Thai-Burma Railway

2019-3rd February (15th Anniversary)
2020-9th February (16th Anniversary)
2021-7th February (17th Anniversary)
2022-6th February (18th Anniversary)
2023-5th February (19th Anniversary)
2024-4th February (20th Anniversary)

ANZAC Day 25th April

A Wreath Laying Service is conducted at the Memorial each ANZAC Day at 9am prior to the main ANZAC Day Service at the Ballarat Cenotaph

Remembrance Day 11th November

A Wreath Laying Service is conducted at the Memorial each Remembrance Day at 11.45am following the main Remembrance Day Service at the Ballarat Cenotaph
The Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial flies 5-Flags, these are The Australian National Flag (ANF), Royal Australian Navy Ensign, The Royal Australian Air Force Ensign, The Australian Red Ensign representing the Merchant Navy; these Flags are located in the main forecourt of the Memorial and fly left to right looking North. The National Prisoners' of War Flag is flown at the start of the Memorial. 
The Trustees follow strict Commonwealth Flag Protocol at all times...Written Authorities are held from Chief of Navy & the Chief of Air Force to fly the Navy & Air Force Ensigns and as all flags fly 24/7, they are illuminated at night.
All flags are replaced at least twice a year or as needed and are destroyed with dignity & respect and in private.

Other Ceremonies

Other service organizations are encouraged to utilize the Memorial for your Ceremony or Service. Please contact the Trustees or the City of Ballarat to arrange and discuss your requirements.


If you or your group would like a guided tour of the Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial please email the Trustees (under Contacts) your details, itinerary and number of people attending and we will endeavor to give you and your group an experience of the designers "Stone Garden Journey". With over 36,000 names listed on the Memorial there are over 36,400 stories waiting to be told.